Pool Inspection

  • The visible appearance of the tile, deck, and coping
  • Deck equipment condition
  • Water chemistry
  • Safety equipment condition
  • Pump and motor condition
  • Booster pump condition (if present)
  • Pool filter condition
  • Heater condition
  • Lighting and electrical condition
  • Valve functionality

Pool Pump Repair or Replacement.

Your pool pump is the heart of its circulation system because it pulls water from one or more suction ports and pushes it through the filter and back into the pool. Without it, your whole pool may malfunction because the rest of your pool equipment depends on your pump to work. If your pump stopped working, our team has the skills and experience needed to get it up and running as efficiently as possible.

Pool Filter Repairs Or Replacement

If you notice that your pool water is dirty and filled with debris, you might have a pool filter problem. There are various issues that your filter may have. Thankfully, our pool experts can inspect your filtration system to determine the problem and provide a fast and durable solution.

Pool Heater Repairs

If your pool heater keeps turning off and on, or your pool water isn’t heating, you may need to get your pool heater repaired or replaced. Sometimes your pool heater might still ignite, but it won’t reach the desired temperature. There is also a possibility that your heater isn’t generating heat at all. our team of pool professionals are ready with your pool heater, our team of pool professionals is ready to help you restore the heat in your pool.

Pool Salt System Repairs

Salt chlorinators convert salt into a self-regenerating supply of pure chlorine for soft water. If you have a salt system installed in your pool, but it’s not working, our team of professionals can also help you resolve this issue. Our professionals have helped countless pool owners restore the salt system in their pools so that their families can enjoy soft and safe pool water.

Pool LED Lighting Repairs

Whether your LED pool lights don’t turn on or there is water behind the lens, our team can help you resolve this issue. Lighting is essential in any pool, especially if your family likes to enjoy the pool or hot tub after sundown.

Pool D.E. Filter Cleanings

DE filters use a substance called diatomaceous earth (DE) to filter water. DE is a flour-like substance that is used to coat a set of grids inside filters. Its fine, powdery qualities make it great for cleaning water as it flows through filter grids After cleaning this type of filter, it’s crucial to ensure that the proper amount of DE is replaced back into it.

Pool Cartridge Filters

Cartridge filters are similar to DE filters, except they only rely on cartridges to filter water. Some cartridge filters use reusable cartridges that can be removed and cleaned. Other filters use cartridges that need to be disposed of and replaced after they’re too dirty for use.

Pool Sand Filters

As the name suggests, sand filters use sand to filter a pool’s water. Notably, sand filters differ the most from the filters listed above because they don’t utilize any grids or cartridges. Sand filters require periodic backwashing and sand replacement. They should be deep cleaned regularly while the circulation system is in operation.

Pool Acid Wash

Our pool technicians apply acid wash to remove a thin layer of plaster. The acid is then carefully removed and no chemicals are left in your pool. The pool is filled with water and pool chemicals are balanced, ensuring that you and your loved ones are safe to swim. To clean your pool, our team will drain it to remove the stains on the bottom and sides of your pool. Since overly frequent acid washes will speed up the need to re-surface your pool, we recommend cleaning your pool with an acid wash only when needed.

Pool Opening & Cleaning Services

Your pool opening doesn’t have to be a hassle when you let our pool technicians take care of it. We can get your pool ready by verifying your equipment is operating properly and your pool water is ready for swimming. We will remove the cover from your pool, prep pool lines and remove plugs, implement any other services depending on your needs, examine your pool for any visible damage, and balance pool water chemistry. We can also inspect your pool equipment to ensure that it functions properly.